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2022-2023 Madrichim Application

Dear Current and Future Madrichim,

Shalom! All of us at TBS are so excited that you’ve chosen to be a madricha/madrich for the 2022-2023 school year. Thank you for spending your Sunday mornings assisting our teachers and being mentors and role models to our younger students! You are an invaluable part of our religious school community.
We are thrilled to welcome back  Angelo Dunlap as our Captain for the Madrichim Program this year! 
We are looking forward to continuing and building on the successful changes to our program last year, and continuing to innovate for a new and different year. Please see the Religious School Newsletter for our updated Safety Policies and changes for this year.

Most importantly, ALL Madrichim are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to participate in our in-person program.
If you have a medical exemption, please reach out to us. Madrichim can also opt to assist wtih virtual classes. By completing an application, you agree to comply with Religious School's safety protocols. In the event that you or someone in your household exhibit COVID symptoms or test positive, please stay home that Sunday and be in touch with us.
8th-11th grade madrichim are paid $11/hour. Seniors are paid $12.00/hour

During first hour, 8th-12th grade madrichim will help out in either a K-6th grade classroom or Mitzvah Corps.

8th -10th graders:
This 2022-2023 school year, we are taking a new and exciting approach towards an active, engaging and completely different learning experience during our teen program. From having several scheduled field trips planned, to guest speakers, and having active community service project opportunities, this will be a year like no other.  8th-12th grade students are to choose one tier down in the form for the first hour only as you have the teen program in the second hour. Attending the second hour Teen Program is a required part of the program.  

11th and 12th graders:
Second hour you can help in a Hebrew pod or assist with Aftercare. There will also be opportunities for you to communal project alongside our teen program. 

We're planning for this year to have engaging and fun learning opportunities for 8th-12th graders, as well as rebuilding our Youth Group programs. Please stay tuned and let Ang know if you're interested in being involved!

Please fill out the form below to express your interest in joining/returning to the Madrichim Program! The application is due Friday, August 19th at 5pm. 

Please mark your calendars for Madrichim Orientation on Sunday, August 21st from 1:30-5:00pm! We will send more information to all madrichim who fill out the application.
Thank you and we are so excited for a different and wonderful year!!

If you have any questions regarding the Madrichim program please feel free to email Angelo Dunlap for more information. 


Angelo Dunlap


Please see the Religious School Safety Protocols, approved by the ReligiousSchool Committee and advised by the TBS Task Force, for more information on our vaccination requirements.

In what age-range classroom would you like to be placed? Please indicate your top choice below. This is not an official placement, just gives us an idea of what you're interested in!

11-12th graders only, please fill out this next selection for second hour.

Please select only if you are interested in Hebrew Madrichim.
Madrichim Orientation will be at TBS in person. Everyone will be outdoors, masked at all times, and socially distanced.
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