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2021 Reverse Raffle Tickets

All Proceeds Go To Support TBS and Jewish Life in New Albany.

What is a reverse raffle?
In our reverse raffle, only 500 tickets will be sold. The last ticket drawn wins the Grand Prize. There is a 1 in 20 chance to win part of the $18,600 in total prize money. There are 24 winners leading up to the Grand Prize drawing. Please see the full Terms of the Raffle on the TBS Website. The Grand Prize is worth $7,500!

This sounds exciting - When is this happening?
The drawing will take place on the TBS Facebook page on February 7, 2021. Tickets will be sold until 5:00PM on February 5th.

Want to purchase a ticket?
Tickets cost $100 each, and there is an option to purchase insurance for an additional $25.

What is Insurance?
Insurance gives you a second chance at winning if your number is initially not drawn as a winner. Insurance places your raffle ticket back in the drawing for another chance to win. It’s a second chance to win for only $25 more! Please note, any ticket number can only win ONCE.

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