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2022 Reverse Raffle Tickets

The 2022 Reverse Raffle is an exciting opportunity to support two great New Albany organizations! Temple Beth Shalom is the largest synagogue on Columbus's east side, and serves 450+ families. Since 1977, TBS's goal has been to provide a Joyful, Personal, and Accessible experience for anyone who walks through its doors.

The New Albany Food Pantry strives to eliminate food insecurity by providing access to food through grocery delivery and open pantry hours, as well as access to a network of resources for those in need. The Pantry fulfills its mission via initiatives like the New Albany School Snack Program and a Community Garden.

We are two great community partners who stand for accessibility and helping others.By supporting the 2022 Reverse Raffle, the proceeds will help both organizations make a difference in our community!

What is a reverse raffle?
In our reverse raffle, only 500 tickets will be sold. The last ticket drawn wins the $7,500 Grand Prize. There are many winners leading up to the Grand Prize drawing. Tickets will be sold until noon on February 25th. 

What is Insurance?
Insurance gives you a second chance at winning if your number is initially not drawn as a winner. Insurance places your raffle ticket back in the drawing for another chance to win.

2 insurance tickets = chances to win

4 insurance tickets = 8 chances to win

Thanks to a generous match, if you purchase 2 or more tickets, insurance will be included for free, but only for a limited time!

If you are purchasing 2 or more tickets, insurance is included for free! Please use the $100 option and your insurance will be added on the back-end.

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