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Kehillat Torah Madrichim Application

Dear Current and Future Madrichim,

Hello! All of us at Beth Shalom are so excited that you’ve chosen to be a madrich (or madricha for a girl) for the 2018-2019 school year.  While many aspects of our Madrichim (that’s plural) Program will remain the same in the coming year, some parts of the way it is structured is changing.

Please read through this letter and the letter linked to below so that you understand all the responsibilities (and all the fun) you’ll have as a madrich(a). Inside you will find a sheet about the responsibilities and expectations of madrichim, a Madrichim Brit (like a covenant) and the actual application, that will tell us lots more about you!

As was implemented this year, each madrich or madricha will have a specific role. On the application itself you will let us know what your preference is. If you are interested in becoming a madrich(a), but are not interested in being placed in a classroom, please note this on the application and let us know what kind of placement you are interested in.

Remember, 7th graders have a 2018-2018 Madrichim in Training Program. Anyone in 8th-12th grade should fill out an application to be an in-class madrich(a), a Hebrew specialist, a photographer, a video-maker, an office worker, attendance specialist and more.


Rabbi Lenette Herzog

Hannah Rossio

Rabbi Benjy Bar-Lev

An outline of Madrichim expectations and responsibilities can be found by clicking here.

In what class would you like to be placed? Please indicate your top three choices below.

For grades 8-12 madrichim only. Seventh grade Madrichim will be working in our "MIT" (Madrichim In Training) program, which includes training curricula and social action projects.

Grades 8-12 madrichim only; see above.

Grades 8-12 madrichim only; see above.

Grades 8-12 madrichim only; see above.

The Madrichim Brit (Covenant)

I the undersigned...

...will be positive and help the students enjoy Religious School.

...will attend Religious School regularly and know that regular attendance is key to succeeding as a madrich(a).

...will attend the scheduled Orientation on Sunday afternoon, August 26th.

...will let Hannah know via text message, voicemail, or email if I will be absent.

...will return all forms by their due dates.

...will be creative and fun while working at Religious School.

...will not have my cell phone out at all during teaching time.

...will not send or read any texts during teaching time.

...will welcome late arriving students to the class and help them get caught up.

...will check with my co-teachers at the beginning of each class to see what they need from me.

...will be working unless I have a break. (K-2 madrich break is during music, Hebrew madrichim break is during services)

...will stay awake during Religious School hours, regardless of what I did the rest of the weekend.

...will regularly attend my afternoon class. (7-10th graders only)

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Thank You!

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