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Kehillat Torah Religious School 2018-2019

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Dear Religious School Families,

Shalom! It is with great excitement that we are beginning the registration process for the 5778-5779 / 2018-2019 school year! Whether you are registering online or with a regular paper registration packet, you are signing your children up for a joyous, meaningful, uplifting experience at Kehillat Torah Religious School this year.

We are thrilled to be returning to our Sunday home, the New Albany JCC for the fourth year. Having a space that large has enabled our teachers to do more small group work, use classroom space more creatively, and spread out for whole class activities. We also are planning a Back-to-Beth Shalom day this next school year, along with some great field trips.

Our Kindgergarten - 2nd Grade Program will continue to be fantastic this year, with wonderful teacher, a great curriculum, and a program dedicated to creating a sense of Jewish community among our kids. For all of our Judaic classes we will continue using the Union for Reform Judaism's CHAI curriculum, which has been fantastic for our children.

Along with specialized programs, we are continuing to strengthen our core programs each year. Our Hebrew students will continue using our new interactive program Kol Yisrael, which has a fantastic online learning portion for students and families to use at home.

Our fully staffed Hebrew tutoring center, Open Hebrew, for students in need of some one-on-one help in Hebrew, has been a fantastic addition, as well as specialized acclerated classes for those students whose Hebrew skills are advanced.

We also have a special "Torah Trope" class for our 6th graders, where they learned how to chant the Torah. This class has been very successful. As always, we are proud of our Optional Wednesday Hebrew program, which allows kids in 3rd-6th Grade to learn in smaller classes at their own pace.

We are extremely excited to be again rolling out brand new programming for our older grades this year. Our Yeshivat Noar 7th and 8th Grade program will be adding a Jewish Ethics Course this year, in addition to our Holocaust studies. Our High School students will continue our new curriculum based on Jewish values and responses to hot button issues like tattooing, modesty, abortion, eating disorders, drugs/alcohol, saving a life and more. They'll end the year learning about the "Jewcy Torah Stories" that they were too young to learn about in the past! We have fantastic new teachers teaching in 7th/8th Grade and High School this year!

We are so excited to be starting another wonderful year at our Religious School! If you have any questions or concerns about next year or about the registration process, please let me know!

Rabbi Lenette Herzog

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The TBS Religious School produces a "School Directory" consisting of contact information for students' parents by class each year, provided exclusively to those parents. If you do not wish your information shared with other school parents, please indicate so here.

School mailings will normally be sent to your address. If duplicates of school mailings are to be sent to a parent/guardian residing at an address other than that above, please indicate that address here.

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Medical Contacts

For other medical specialists we may need to contact on your child's behalf, such as allergists.

If you are unavailable in the event of an emergency, we will contact this person.

Please use separate paragraphs for each child in the fields below.

In order to accommodate teaching styles and to help your child(ren), please describe any learning problems or issues your child(ren) may have. This should include behavior, medical or emotional issues and learning disabilities.

Does your child(ren) take medication on a regular basis that we should know about? Does your child(ren) take medication during the secular school day that is not taken on the weekends?

If your child(ren) has/have a life threatening food allergy, please be clear about treatment for exposure! If your child(ren) has/have any allergy it is your responsibility to provide proper medical support in the TBS office. We will label and keep epi-pens, antihistamines or any other needed supplies in the office for your child(ren).

Please also feel free to call us at the TBS office to further discuss any needs your child(ren) may have.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. In order to make our Religious School enrollment more efficient, TBS has created this Universal Permission Form and Release. This form and release allows your child or children to participate fully in all activities of the Temple Beth Shalom Kehillat Torah Religious School (TBS) during the school year. This form and release covers all Religious School activities located on or off the premises of Temple Beth Shalom and the New Albany JCC.

This is an opt-out form. This means that you will have accepted and agreed to the terms of this Universal Permission Form and Release unless you check one or both of the boxes below and sign and return the form to TBS before the first day of Religious School.

By accepting and agreeing to this form and release now (in other words, by not opting-out), you are granting Temple Beth Shalom permission to include your child or children in all Religious School activities without the need for separate permission forms for each activity. You will be informed of all field trips before they occur.

Behavioral Covenant

As a member of the Temple Beth Shalom kehillah (community), your child is expected to consider, while at Religious School and on field trips, the Jewish values of kavod (respect), derech eretz (proper behavior), and tziniyut (modesty and humility), which guide the way we comport ourselves in public and private spaces. Further, lashon hara (“evil speech” such as disparaging remarks), hazing, bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, or discrimination of any sort is contrary to our values and is unacceptable.

Therefore, I and my child acknowledge and agree that my child will abide by all rules, regulations, and directives of TBS and its personnel. I understand that TBS, in its sole discretion, will determine the repercussions for any such violation, which may include removing my child from participating in the activity or prohibiting my child from participating in a future activity.

Field Trip and Emergency Permission Authorization and Release

I give my child permission to attend all field trips sponsored by TBS for the school year. I further understand that transportation for field trips may include walking, charter bus, school bus, van, or car driven by a classmate’s parent or teacher. I understand that there are inherent risks in some of the activities with which my child may be involved. Accordingly, on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns and on behalf of my minor child, and my child’s heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, I fully release and discharge Temple Beth Shalom, Rabbi Benjy Bar-Lev, Rabbi Lenette Herzog, and Temple Beth Shalom’s trustees, officers, agents, employees, contractors, volunteers, and successors and assigns from any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, debts, claims, judgment, damage, loss, or demand of any kind, including claims for property damage or loss and injuries or deaths of persons, arising directly or indirectly from my child’s participation in these field trips. I further agree that if there is a claim against TBS as a result of my child’s conduct, I will indemnify and hold TBS harmless from any such claim.

In the event of an emergency during a field trip, I give permission to TBS to facilitate proper medical care as it deems reasonably necessary while efforts are made to reach me.

Photo and Video Authorization and Release

I expressly give TBS, including any amateur or professional photographers TBS designates, permission to photograph, video, and audio record my child during Religious School and on field trips. I acknowledge that my child's image may be used in a variety of media – including websites, livestreaming, printed materials, and social media – for any purpose connected with highlighting, marketing, and promoting TBS, its Religious School, and their programs and activities without further compensation to the child, parent, or guardian. No image or recording of your child will be sold to any person or organization for any reason. Further, unless authorized by you, no image or recording will include your child's name(s).

The terms of this Universal Permission Form and Release shall be governed by the laws of Ohio, and any legal action relating to or arising out of it shall be commenced in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. This Universal Permission Form and Release is the full document and constitutes the only agreement between you and TBS concerning the matters described above, superseding any prior agreement, written or oral.

Enter your name; this will serve as your electronic signature.

Have your child(ren) enter his/her/their name(s) and today's date. One name and date per line.

Includes $405 tuition, $20 Field Trip fee

Includes $425 tuition, $20 Field Trip fee, $485 One Day Hebrew School fee


Includes $425 tuition, $70 Deer Creek Weekend Retreat fee, $485 One Day Hebrew School fee

Includes $425 tuition, $70 Deer Creek Weekend Retreat fee, $615 Two Day Hebrew School fee

Includes $425 tuition, $20 Field Trip fee

Includes $425 tuition, plus $300 Confirmation Trip.

Six sessions. For ages 2-4. Includes snack and materials.

A monthly lunch with the Rabbis. Generously sponsored by the TBS Men's Club.


Your entirely voluntarily contribution to our Sponsorship and Education Fund helps families in need attend Religious School. Suggested amounts are $18, $36, $54, etc.


If you wish to make a partial payment of tuition in excess of the minimum deposit, please enter that amount here. You will be invoiced for the remainder.

Please Note: Tuition Is Due In Full By Sunday, September 2, 2018!

If necessary, alternate arrangements for tuition payment can be made (i.e. autopayment, et cetera). Please contact the TBS office if interested.

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